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IRC colors

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Posted by Ked   Russia  (524 posts)  [Biography] bio
Date Reply #15 on Sun 13 Mar 2005 06:48 PM (UTC)
But if bold doesn't effect colour then it still won't be possible to use it to emulate the missing colours. If it doesn't effect the font weight then the bold tags can't be reproduced. I think it's more of an ANSI problem than anything.
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Posted by Vercalos   (23 posts)  [Biography] bio
Date Reply #16 on Mon 14 Mar 2005 03:33 AM (UTC)

Amended on Mon 14 Mar 2005 04:07 AM (UTC) by Vercalos

Hmm.. I seem remember something within MUSHclient, simply using triggers, where one could define custom colors.. I'm not sure how that works however.. I'll check the help file and see what it says, then post any details I can.

RGB colours

Triggers and scripts can also use the full RGB colour gamut - which is 256 (red) X 256 (green) X 256 (blue) colour combinations (a total of 16,777,216 possible colours). This allows for a wide range of colour presentation. In a trigger select the "other..." item from the colour combo-box. In scripts you can use things like world.ColourNote to send messages to the window in any colour.

Mapping colours

From version 3.54 onwards you can also "map" one colour to another. This is provided to allow you to customise MXP colours which do not otherwise have a mechanism for being displayed differently. See the MapColour function for more details. This allows you to have a "last moment" mapping of a colour (that you don't like) to a different colour (that you prefer).

I can post more details for script functions, but just look at the "Colour Management" for a hotlinked list of functions
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Posted by Shadowfyr   USA  (1,786 posts)  [Biography] bio
Date Reply #17 on Mon 14 Mar 2005 05:03 PM (UTC)
My point Ked was that 'bold' means different things when talking about ansi and font tags. Making the ansi attribute trigger the bold attribute therefor does not make sense in the first place. The ansi attribute could have been called, "emphasize", "high visibility", "stand out", "bright" or just about anything similar, since that was at the time the only way to do it, but 'bold' was an unfortunate and, once true fonts existed, badly misleading name for it. But we already covered why that 'feature' of having it do both in Mushclient being turned on, or possibly even existing at all with an ansi mud, is not correct, in a seperate thread. I am not clear what you mean by disabling it causing 'tags' to stop working..? Ansi tags (codes rather) do not have a 'font' bold, just a 'color' bold and MXP is a seperate system not effected by the ansi settings and what they do.
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