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Maximum amount of act flags?

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Posted by Syriac   (46 posts)  [Biography] bio
Date Fri 22 Jan 2010 06:40 AM (UTC)
Is there a maximum number of act flags in SMAUG? I've got around 47 which all work fine but when I try to mstat them it always crashes and points to the build.c portion where they're all labeled. I don't understand why it keeps doing this. Is it too many characters to handle?
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Posted by Syriac   (46 posts)  [Biography] bio
Date Reply #1 on Fri 22 Jan 2010 06:46 AM (UTC)
char * const act_flags [] =
"npc", "sentinel", "scavenger", "healer", "broker", "aggressive", "stayarea",
"wimpy", "pet", "train", "practice", "immortal", "deadly", "polyself",
"meta_aggr", "guardian", "running", "nowander", "mountable", "mounted",
"scholar", "secretive", "hardhat", "mobinvis", "noassist", "autonomous",
"pacifist", "noattack", "annoying", "statshield", "prototype", "banker",
"bounty", "bhunter", "nomobm", "randomok", "undertaker", "hardned",
"hotbooted", "tough", "randomed", "worthqp", "worthgp", "worthxp",

I have 2 more act flags, but if I put even one more than this and try to mstat the mud crashes...
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Posted by David Haley   USA  (3,881 posts)  [Biography] bio
Date Reply #2 on Fri 22 Jan 2010 03:44 PM (UTC)
You need to make sure that you keep the various constants in sync. You must have one name per flag value, and you must have the "max flags" value set correctly. If this is already true, you should run it in a debugger to see where it's failing.

David Haley aka Ksilyan
Head Programmer,
Legends of the Darkstone

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Posted by Gohan_TheDragonball   USA  (183 posts)  [Biography] bio
Date Reply #3 on Wed 27 Jan 2010 04:16 PM (UTC)
unless its been changed, there is no MAX_ACT_FLAG value

i threw in an additional string into mine without defining the value and my mud did not crash, so that means ur not inputting the new values correctly. and the limit of flags is defined in mud.h

 * Defines for extended bitvectors
#ifndef INTBITS
  #define INTBITS       32
#define XBM             31      /* extended bitmask   ( INTBITS - 1 )   */
#define RSV             5       /* right-shift value  ( sqrt(XBM+1) )   */
#define XBI             4       /* integers in an extended bitvector    */
#define MAX_BITS        XBI * INTBITS

that equates to 124 maximum fields for any extended bitvector
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