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MUSHclient bugs and suggestions

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This will search for a match on the exact above phrase in the:

of every bug or suggestion report.

Be careful with spelling, we spell 'colour' the Australian way, however it may also appear as 'color' in some entries.

The phrase you enter will be searched for exactly, so for example, if you enter 'proxy server' then only items with those exact words, in that order, side-by-side, will be matched.

It is probably better to enter a shorter phrase, for example, 'trigger', 'connect', 'log' rather than a lengthy sentence.

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Bug number

Each bug or suggestion is numbered sequentially (the oldest is not necessarily the lowest number). You can always check on the status of a particular bug by entering its number below:

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Release notes

You can also view the release notes for every version. There is also a search facility for searching release notes.

Newly corrected bugs

As bugs are corrected in the latest version the bug database will be updated immediately. This means that you may see corrections listed for versions that are not yet released.

Submitting bug reports

To submit a bug report or enhancement request, visit the Bug Report Submission Page

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