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Bug reports

If you believe you have a file that is not being correctly processed by QuickSlideshow, either because of an error message on the screen, or because the picture displayed looks like rubbish, before reporting an error to the author of QuickSlideshow, please check to see whether the file can be correctly processed by another application that reads that sort of file-for example, Adobe Photoshop. If the picture is correctly displayed by the other application, then you have probably found a bug in QuickSlideshow's decoding logic. If the picture is not correctly displayed by the other application, then you probably have a corrupted picture file.

If you have other problems, such as the program "crashing" or "hanging" please advise which version of the System you are using (use the Finder menu item "About this Macintosh" to find out the System version number). Also please advise what model of Mac you are using, and how much memory you allocated to QuickSlideshow.

Finally, please advise which version of QuickSlideshow you are using. Use the "About QuickSlideshow" menu item under the Apple menu to find this out.

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