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Starting a slideshow

Before you can view pictures you must select one or more pictures from your disk or CDROM. You can view a single picture by using the "Open" action from the File menu, however the normal use of QuickSlideshow is to scan entire disks or CDROMs to find hundreds or thousands of pictures to be displayed.

Selecting pictures to be displayed ... Under System 7

Because of System 7's "drag and drop" capabilities, QuickSlideshow is particularly easy to use. Simply drag the icons for one or more:

onto the QuickSlideshow icon (or its alias).

If the QuickSlideshow application is not yet executing it will start running. Then you will see a progress window indicating the name of the current picture that it has found, plus a count of the total number of pictures located so far. When all files/folders/volumes/tag files have been processed the first picture will be automatically displayed.

Once you have finished viewing a sequence of pictures you can view more by simply dragging and dropping more icons onto the QuickSlideshow application icon. You do not need to "quit" from QuickSlideshow to do this. Alternatively, you can open tag files or scan folders from within the application as described below under "System 6".

If "dragging and dropping" doesn't work ...

If you cannot "drag and drop" files onto the QuickSlideshow icon, or if the QuickSlideshow application does not have a distinctive coloured icon, then you may need to rebuild your desktop so that the Mac recognises the new icon.

To do this, restart your Mac, holding down the Command and Option keys. When asked whether you want to rebuild your desktop, click OK.

Selecting pictures to be displayed ... Under System 6

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