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Viewing pictures in a tag file

Read a tag file

You can open (read) a tag file in a number of ways:

All pictures listed in that tag file will then be displayed. You will receive an error message if the volume (i.e. disk/CDROM) that is named in the tag file is not mounted. In that case, mount the appropriate disk or CDROM, and reprocess the tag file.

When to use "Open tag file" rather than "Open"

QuickSlideshow automatically recognises tag files that it itself has written out, so by using "Open" (or Command-O) it will realise that the file is a tag file (technically, because tag files are the only files which have a file type of TEXT and the QuickSlideshow application signature).

However if you have opened a tag file created by QuickSlideshow in another application - such as a Word Processor, Database or Spreadsheet - made some changes, and then saved it, the application signature may have changed to that of the other program.

In this case, double-clicking the amended tag file will relaunch your word processor and not QuickSlideshow.

To solve this, use the "Open tag file" menu option under the File menu in QuickSlideshow to force it to recognise the file as a tag file. Then, once the first picture has been displayed, use the "Make tag file" menu option (or Command-T) to save another copy (which will list the same files). The new copy will have the correct application signature, and can be used in future.

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