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Log game session

This dialog is shown when you start logging your session.

Include X lines from screen buffer in log file.

You can log retrospectively. What this means is that you can decide to log *after* seeing some interesting messages. By entering a number in this box you can specify how many previously-received lines to log.

When you first start up logging, you will be prompted as to whether you want the last "n" lines included (where "n" is the number of lines already received from the MUD, with a maximum of 500,000). If you want only recent lines, you can replace the number with a smaller one (say, 20). Or if you only want to log future output, type a "0" to replace the number displayed.

The exact number of lines that can be recalled is set in the "Output" tab of the world configuration screen. The maximum it can be set to is 500,000 lines.

What if more lines appear while I am reading this message?

The line count is automatically adjusted to allow for more lines that appear while you are reading the dialog box (or this help message!). Say you wanted 20 lines to be retained from the display buffer, but another 15 appear while you are entering the number "20". The program will actually retain 35 lines so that the ones you originally wanted appear in the log file.

The exception is that if you enter zero ("0") for the line count, then zero lines from the output buffer are retained, no matter how many appear while you are looking at the dialog box.

Comment to put in log file:

This allows you to add a free-format comment to the start of the log file (eg. describing why you are logging this particular session).

Log Output

If checked, output from the MUD is logged.

Log Commands

If checked, commands you type are logged.

Log Notes

If checked, script "notes" are logged.

Append to existing log file

If checked, any existing log file of this name is appended to, rather than overwritten.

Write world name to log file

If checked, the world name, and the date and time, are written to the log file, as a record of what world you are logging, and when.

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(LogSession) Writes the game session out to a text file


(CloseLog) Closes the log file
(FlushLog) Flushes the log file to disk
(IsLogOpen) Tests to see if a log file is open
(LogInput) The property of whether commands are logged to the log file
(LogNotes) The property of whether notes are logged to the log file
(LogOutput) The property of whether MUD output is logged to the log file
(LogSend) Sends a message to the MUD and logs it
(OpenLog) Opens a log file.
(WriteLog) Writes to the log file

(Help topic: dialog=IDD_LINE_COUNT)

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