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This is sort-of like a "batch find". It lets you scan the output window and quickly retrieve matching lines into a separate window. For example, you might recall each line starting with <CHAT>.

If text is currently selected in the output window, lines matching the selected text are recalled without this dialog box being displayed.

Recall What:

If you are not using regular expressions, simply recalls every line which has the "recall what" text in it (anywhere in the line).

If you are using regular expressions, recalls lines matching that expression.

Match case

If checked, the "case" must match exacly (eg. "cave" and "Cave" would be considered different words).

Regular expression

If checked, the "Recall what" text is processed as a regular expression. See "regular expressions" for more details.

For example:


This would match lines starting with <CHAT>.

Examine X lines from end.

You can specify how many lines to go back, in case you have thousands of lines, and only want to recall over the last 200 (say).


If checked, examine lines marked as "output" (which arrived from the MUD).


If checked, examine lines marked as "commands" (which you typed).


If checked, examine lines marked as "notes" (which were done by scripts).

Line Preamble:

You can put a preamble in front of every line (eg. "%H:%M>") - this example would show the time each line was created.


Click the "?" button to see options for entering into the line preamble box.


Click to commence the recall operation.

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(RecallText) Recalls all lines matching a string into a separate window

(Help topic: dialog=IDD_RECALL)

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