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Evaluates a speed walk string


BSTR EvaluateSpeedwalk(BSTR SpeedWalkString)

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Converts a supplied string based on the rules for "speed walking".

For example:


This would move you: 4 times North, 3 times East, South, Up, West, Down and then "lock west"


Actions recognised are: C:close; O:open; L:lock; K:unlock (or nothing for no special action, just walk in that direction)


The directions recognised are: N:north, S:south, E:east, W:west, U:up, D:down.


You can also enter "F" for a speed walk "filler". This is for MUDs that reject multiple identical commands. For example, if you need to walk West 30 times, but your MUD disconnects you after 20 identical commands, enter:

#15w f 15w

The exact text that is sent by the "filler" is customisable from the "Input" world configuration screen. A suggested filler command would be something harmless, like LOOK.


You may also enter a one or two-digit multiplier in the range 1 to 99. The multiplier affects the *next* direction entered, e.g. "5s" means go South 5 times.

Spaces are accepted in the speed walk string, and ignored.

Non-standard directions

You can supply non-standard directions (eg. NE for NorthEast) by putting them in brackets.

For example:

5N 4W (ne) (say open sesame) 5U 4(se)

You can also supply the "reverse" direction after a "/" character, in case you want to reverse the speedwalk direction later.

For example:

5N 4W (ne/sw) (say open sesame/kick door) 5U 4(se/nw)

When speedwalking, only the characters before the slash are evaluated.

VBscript example

world.note world.EvaluateSpeedwalk ("4n3esuwdLW")

Jscript example

world.note(world.EvaluateSpeedwalk ("4n3esuwdLW"));

PerlScript example

$world->note($world->EvaluateSpeedwalk ("4n3esuwdLW"));

Python example

world.note(world.EvaluateSpeedwalk ("4n3esuwdLW"))

Lua example

Note(EvaluateSpeedwalk ("4n3esuwdLW"))

Return value

The supplied string, converted from speed walk characters to directions, with a "newline" between each direction.
If there is an error in the speed walk string then the first character of the returned string will be an asterisk ("*"), and the rest will be an English error message.

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(Queue) Queues a command for sending at the "speed walk" rate.
(RemoveBacktracks) Removes backtracks from a speed walk string
(ReverseSpeedwalk) Reverses a speed walk string
(Send) Sends a message to the MUD
(SpeedWalkDelay) The number of milliseconds delay between speed walk commands

(Help topic: function=EvaluateSpeedwalk)

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