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MUSHclient FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about MUSHclient.

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  1. Gagging players
  2. Highlight a single word
  3. How can I build in a delay into a trigger, macro or alias?
  4. How can I omit things from the log file?
  5. How do I connect to my own MUD without dialing into the Internet?
  6. How do I execute external programs from within a script?
  7. I cannot resize my command (input) window
  8. Information about scripting
  9. Lines display in the wrong colour
  10. Lost registration code
  11. My output buffer starts scrolling backwards
  12. Output from my world arrives too quickly to read.
  13. Scrolling stops and the MORE sign appears.
  14. Send output to other windows
  15. What does "reconnect on link failure" mean?
  16. World file compatibility with previous versions

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