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SMAUG server FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about SMAUG server.

Summary Who wrote SMAUG?
Question Who wrote SMAUG?

SMAUG is a heavily modified derivative of the Merc2.1 distribution.

SMAUG was written by Derek Snider.

SMAUG code team: Thoric, Altrag, Blodkai, Narn, Haus, Scryn, Rennard, Swordbearer, Gorog, Grishnakh and Tricops.

SMAUG's home page is www.game.org

What copyright, if any, applies to SMAUG?

Diku Mud is copyright (C) 1990, 1991 by Sebastian Hammer, Michael Seifert, Hans Henrik St{rfeldt, Tom Madsen, and Katja Nyboe.

Merc Diku Mud is a derivative of the original Diku Mud. Merc Diku Mud contains substantial enhancements to Diku Mud. These enhancements are copyright 1992, 1993 by Michael Chastain, Michael Quan, and Mitchell Tse.

SMAUG is a derivative of the version 2.1 distribution of Merc Diku Mud. SMAUG contains substantial enhancements to Merc Diku Mud, including some features of the original Diku Mud that were removed by the Merc team.

In order to use SMAUG you must follow the Diku license and the SMAUG license. The exact terms of the Diku license are in the download.

A summary of these terms is:

  • No resale or operation for profit.
  • Original author's names must appear in login sequence.
  • The 'credits' command must report original authors.
  • You must notify the Diku creators that you are operating a Diku MUD.

The SMAUG license terms are:

  • Copyrights must remain in original source.
  • 'Help smaug' must report the SMAUG help text, as shipped.
  • A mention that this is a SMAUG based MUD must appear in the login sequence.
  • You must not block access to your SMAUG MUD from the SMAUG development site (game.org).
  • You must not operate your MUD with any contraband area files and must remove any areas in question immediately upon request.
  • You are requested to notify the SMAUG developers that you are operating a SMAUG MUD, to include the address of the MUD, and whether or not you want them to put a link to your MUD on our SMAUG mudlist webpage.

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