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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about MUDs.

Summary How do I become a builder?
Question How can I get a position as a builder on a MUD?
Answer Here are some simple instructions for all of you out there who want to find a MUD to build on. Trust me, it's like asking someone out on a date for the first time: you tell yourself you can't do it, then you do it and it isn't so hard :) Now, the first thing you need is to find a MUD that you like. There are really only two main ways to do this. First, you can find a MUD you like on a listing, like the MUD Connector. You could also find an Admin you like on a mailing list, or discussion system. Most admins have at least enough ego to sign their mails with their positions on the MUDs they run. Very simply, visit their MUDs and see if you like them. Next, make sure you can get along with the Imms there, and that you like the theme, and that it has everything, or nearly everything you want. I tried to build on a MUD where the admins were never around, and when they were around they yelled at me constantly ... it lasted less than three days. I also tried to build on a MUD with offline building only once, that didn't last either. So ... find a cool MUD with nice Imms and a system you like. Simple enough. Now comes the hard part: Ask an Imm what the requirements for building are. Usually they can tell you, or refer you to a help file. If not, they will tell you the name of the person who can help you. If they get angry at you, or freeze you, swear at you, or otherwise abuse you, you have picked the wrong MUD. Once you have on your screen the requirements for building, read them, save them in a text file, and print them out if necessary. Fulfill them, submit your application, and voila! You may become a builder. It's really not all that difficult ... all you usually need to do is ask. But trust me: it is easier for you to find a MUD than it is for a MUD admin to find you. It is also a lot faster. The part that seems to be difficult for many people is what comes after you have been promoted to the lowest level of builder. Here is where the actual hard work comes in. You must build and build and build, until some kind Imm notices your good work and promotes you. Do not expect to have many powers at the beginning, or to be allowed to play around too much. That's not usually the way it works. Only by working hard and building well can you earn privileges. I really mean "earn" too. That's the only way to gain power, unless you join a MUD in the very beginning stage, where they have a power vaccuum to fill. Usually imms that are hired in that situation do not last long. You have been warned. - Submitted by Scion - World Administrator on AntaresMUD.

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