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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about MUDs.

Summary Do I need a "client" or a "server" program?
Question I want to play a MUD. Do I need a "client" or a "server" program?
Answer If you are new to playing MUDs you almost certainly want a client program, although you can just use simple Telnet to get started. Telnet comes with Unix and Windows, and is a simple communication program that lets you connect to a MUD. Client programs make playing a MUD easier, for example by splitting what you type into a different area from the data that is arriving from the MUD, and wrapping output at the edge of the screen without splitting words into two. Play a MUD for half an hour and you will soon see how useful that is. Clients generally offer other features like the ability to abbreviate commonly typed commands, enter "triggers" which are commands that are automatically sent in response to a certain event, and store previous output for later review. If you want to run your own MUD, then you will need a server program, in addition to a client. The server is the program that mediates gameplay between all of the players, tells them what room they are in, runs combat sessions and so on. There are quite a few different servers around, which implement MUDs in different ways.

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