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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about MUDs.

Summary Can I make a non-violent MUD?
Question I am setting up a MUD for a school. Can I make it non-violent?
Answer Yes you can. The simplest way is to choose a "code base" that is for a social MUD (eg. a MUSH or a MUCK) rather than a combat-oriented MUD. Most social MUDs do not have any inbuilt violence anyway. Another approach, if you prefer code bases like SMAUG (because of their built-in wandering computer-mediated characters) is to remove the ability to do violence in them. For example, you could mark all rooms as "safe" so that you cannot start a fight in them. You could also edit COMMANDS.DAT and SKILLS.DAT to remove any commands (such as "kill") or skills (such as "backstab") that might be used for violent purposes.

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