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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about MUDs.

Summary What is a "code base"?
Question What is a "code base" and which one is best?
Answer The computer programs that make MUDs work (servers) come in different flavours. There are a few main hierarchies from which quite a few different servers have developed.

A totally new design occurs when someone writes a MUD server from scratch, without deriving it from an existing one.

A derived server occurs when someone takes an existing server and attempts to improve upon it. Derived servers tend to behave in a similar way to their "parent" server.

The main types of server (that the author knows of) are:

  • DikuMUD and derivatives (eg. Vie, Circle, Merc, Rom, Envy, SMAUG)
  • LPMUDs
  • TinyMUD and derivatives (eg, MUCK, MUSH and MOO)

DikuMUDs and LPMUDs tend to be combat-oriented, and TinyMUD derivatives tend to be social-oriented. It is possible to add combat to a MUSH, or remove combat from a DikuMUD, so these statements should be taken as a guide only.

TinyMUD derivatives hold all of their MUD details in a central "database", which is saved from time to time (eg. every hour). This means that (authorised) players can build and expand on the virtual world.

DikuMUD derivatives break up the virtual world into "areas" which are held in separate disk files. These areas are only changed when necessary by "builders". Ordinary players explore but do not change the world.

The best server for you depends on what you are attempting to do. If you want players to chat and build, choose a social MUD. If you want players to run around killing things, choose a combat MUD.

Try different servers (ie, play existing MUDs on the Internet) until you find one which you like to use.

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