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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about MUDs.

Summary Converting from one MUD codebase to another
Question Can I convert from one sort (codebase) of MUD to another (eg. SMAUG to PennMUSH)?

A. From a player's point of view, most MUDs are fairly similar. From an implementors point of view most MUDs use different ways of storing their rooms, monsters, players and so on. For example, in MUSH all are stored in a single large database, in Diku-MUDs they are stored in separate files. Converting from one to another is not a trivial task.

You can however convert in a limited way from a SMAUG area file (ie. a file with room descriptions, exits and so on) to MUSH code, by using SMAUG Editor - an area editor which has a "MUSH Export" facility.

More details about the MUSH export functionality can be found at exporting an area as MUSH code.

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