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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about MUDs.

Summary What is a 'port'?
Question People talk about connecting to "port 4000". What is a port and why do I need it?
Answer Hosts (PCs and other computers) on the Internet can accept connections for different purposes. For example, the same host might be a web server, an ftp server, a telnet server, a mail server and a MUD server. To distinguish which "service" you want when you connect you supply a port number, in addition to the TCP/IP address. Most programs know to use a default port, so, for example, when you ftp to a host the ftp program will use the default port of 21. Similarly your web browser uses the default port of 80, although that can be changed. As for MUD games, a particular PC might even be hosting more than one MUD, so the port number is important to distinguish which one you want. Generally MUDs have port numbers 1024 and higher, as the lower ones are reserved for system administration functions. Thus, MUD lists will list both an IP address and a port number, as there is no specific default port number for MUDs. However, if none is specified, 4000 is often used.

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